5 Reasons to Switch to Cloud IT Disaster Recovery

Still using tapes to back up your data? Your most valuable asset needs to be better protected. Effective backup recovery systems require more than one storage method to keep your data safe.

Here’s why it’s time to change:

  1. Tape Backup is unreliable. Tapes can degrade, disintegrate, or store corrupt data without notice. Damage can also be caused by heat, humidity, dust, or magnetic fields.
  2. Depending on someone in your organization to secure data could put you at risk. They have to change tapes daily, take them off-site, and store them in a safe place. Are you sure that this system is working? What happens when this person is on holiday or off sick? Our solutions are automated so you don’t have to hold a staff member responsible for your data safety.
  3. Restoring data from a tape is time consuming and can mean significant down time for your business. In today’s always-on world, your customers expect you to be available immediately.
  4. Severe consequences can result when data can’t be restored due to tapes that have been damaged, lost, or corrupted. What would happen if you lost your accounting data, customer list, or all your corporate documents? How would you carry on with your business? And how would you affect the reputations of you and your customers?
  5. Tapes may backup your data, but what about ongoing availability of your critical software applications during a recovery period while data is being restored, a server is being re-built, or a disaster has hit? You need IT support that gets your business up and running quickly.