The Allure of the Ultrabook™

Published February 15, 2013

ultrabookUltrabook™ is a new category of mobile device inspired by Intel.  It combines all the features we expect in a regular notebook with the features we love in our portable tablets, adds further enhancements and, along with the new Windows 8 operating system, presents an irresistible alternative to both.

Features available in Ultrabooks (depending on the manufacturer and model) include:

Touch Control:  Get ready to tap, drag, flick, pinch and slide your way into the future.

Two Devices in One:  Transform your experience by flipping, sliding or swiveling your device to go from laptop to tablet. Its ultra-sleek, lightweight form makes Ultrabook™ the perfect device when you’re on the go.

Performance:  Experience your applications, movies and photos smoothly and seamlessly thanks to a suite of visual enhancements built into the Intel® Core™ Processor. Enjoy the slim, light look of Ultrabook™ design that’s less than an inch thick.

Responsive and Ready to Go:  Intel® Smart Connect Technology continually updates your email and social networks so you can be both rested and connected. And when you wake your Ultrabook™ from sleep mode, jump right in with Intel® Rapid Start Technology. It brings Ultrabook™ from standby mode to life in less than seven seconds, so you can resume what you were doing in the blink of an eye.

Security That’s Built In:  Helps keep your personal information personal. Intel® Anti-Theft Technology helps protect your data by disabling your Ultrabook™ if lost or stolen. And Intel® Identity Protection Technology helps keep your identity safe by ensuring popular web sites and social networks know it’s really you.

We see a bright future for Ultrabooks in our own office and for our clients.