Consultative Services

This option consists of reviewing the business operations with one of our senior consulting staff and providing recommendations to provide for growth, to enhance performance, to improve reliability, or to reduce costs.

Integration consultation

This  service provides for the evaluation and planning of a proposed installation or upgrade.  365 Systems & Services can act as an educated impartial consultant to provide your business with advice on which upgrade path to pursue. We can further act to rate and summarize proposals from various service companies, such as Internet service  providers, web page developers, photocopier and telephony sales proposals and computer software providers

Business Infrastructure Services

This  service consists of spearheading the technical aspects of opening a new office, branch office or new business. Through years of experience, we have partnered with many companies that provide the complimentary services  needed to open an office. These include telephony solutions, Internet solutions, digital photocopy solutions, and electrical solutions.

LAN support services

The list describes typical support, preventative maintenance, and consultation activities that are provided:

Installation/Support of Computer Equipment

  • Manage server memory, network throughput, I/O caching
  • Lan / Wan Error monitoring and management
  • Upgrade and install boards, memory chips, and peripherals.
  • Maintain hubs, gateways, bridges, switches, and routers
  • Install and relocate workstations
  • Upgrade workstations to increase RAM etc…
  • Perform preventative maintenance for workstations (Internal vacuuming, External cleaning, etc..)
  • Maintain printers
  • Recommend tape backup monitoring
  • Virus Detection & Repair
  • Order new equipment and software

 Installation/Support of System/Application Software

  • Maintain LAN Ids
  • Install software upgrades
  • Install and maintain applications, operating systems, and network operating system software and upgrades

 Project Implementation

  • Add new servers or install new operating  systems
  • Add Storage or Document Management Solutions
  • Coordinate and complete significant relocation activities such as moving to new floors or buildings

 General Consultation

  • Suggest and review new operational practices
  • Recommend new technologies related to the business focus of the organization
  • Resolve performance issues
  • Recommend technologies to improve reliability
  • Recommend communications options to improve